SEED Solutions – Components for Next-Generation Robot Development


SEED Solutions – Components for Next-Generation Robot Development

THK exhibited its “SEED Solutions” components for next-generation robots at the International Robot Exhibition 2015. “SEED Solutions” are a family of components ideal for autonomous robot development, mainly consisting of actuator systems, which perform movement, and master systems, which provide control.

Advantages of our actuator systems include small size, light weight, less wiring, simple operation, and multi-axis control. Ordinarily the main controller provides multi-axis control, but our driver – which is an extremely small driver – integrates both multi-axis control and motor driver controllers. Up to 14 axes can be controlled over a single network.

Engineers can easily build a device such as a tabletop automatic painting system without a control box by combining multiple tiny “SEED+Picsel” simple linear actuators. Equipped with a small, high-output actuator and controller, the TRX is able to grip a variety of objects with its bendable fingertips and script control.

“SEED Solutions” were developed as component parts for next-generation robots, but is also being used in a variety of automated equipment, such as by automobile manufacturers and customers manufacturing bio inspection equipment. We would also like them to be used by engineers developing next-generation robots.

THK supplies actuators as well as basic software. The master system uses the SEED-MS, a small general-purpose microcontroller, as its core. By providing multi-access control capability, the ability to exchange a variety of protocols with other systems, as well as multi-point I/O, screen display, and wireless capability along with the software development kit, THK supports engineers in the low-cost development of next-generation robots.

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