Automatic Oil Cooling Cylinder that Realized Automation of Cooling and Air Removal


Automatic Oil Cooling Cylinder that Realized Automation of Cooling and Air Removal

The AOC (Automatic Oil Cooling Cylinder) features a mechanism that enables hydraulic oil to pass through the piston when it reaches the backward limit, so that the cylinder is cooled by the oil and air is automatically eliminated.

Ordinarily, a hydraulic cylinder has two chambers which are divided by its piston, but in AOC hydraulic oil is circulated when the piston is at the backward limit. In our industry, cylinders are used under high temperature conditions, so the inside of the cylinder reaches a high temperature state. Because this cylinder is operated with oil that is cooled with a pump each time through circulation, the cylinder temperature doesn’t rise. Because the temperature doesn’t rise high, the frequency at which customers must replace the packing is significantly reduced. Air is also automatically removed, so customers no longer have to remove air by themselves.

In hydraulic cylinders that are used in die-casting, the heat during casting may cause sealing to deteriorate, which results in oil leakage. As a result, it was necessary to reduce the cylinder temperature, through such means as water-cooling. Because Nambu’s AOC can be cooled by hydraulic oil that has cooled outside the cylinder, it doesn’t need a capability such as water-cooling, and it is the same size as an ordinary cylinder.

The cylinder piston contains a valve, and when the piston reaches the backward limit of the cylinder, the oil is automatically circulated. And once the oil reaches the pump, the oil is cooled by the pump. The valve to circulate the hydraulic oil is the key part of the new cylinder, and we obtained a patent with regard to that technology.

The AOC was released in October 2014, and it’s earned a good reputation among customers. In May 2015, Nambu moved its main plant from Tokyo to an industrial park in Yokohama. This has given the company an even better environment for product development; for example, it now has larger testing facilities. Looking ahead, Nambu will continue to provide customers with solutions through its unique products and services.

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