Jig Production Technology that Incorporates Gage Production Technology with Submicron Precision


Jig Production Technology that Incorporates Gage Production Technology with Submicron Precision

Toa Precision Machinery is designing and manufacturing 10-20 micron jigs entirely through custom orders by incorporating its unique gage production technology that requires precision on a submicron level.

The main machines that are necessary for producing jigs include finishing machines such as flat surface grinders, cylindrical grinders, and internal surface grinders. Other types of primary equipment include a jig borer or a horizontal boring machine. If the pitch precision is a length of 100 millimeters, a jig borer can machine a part to a precision position with a precision within plus or minus one-one hundredth per 100 millimeters. Even if a hole diameter is 10π or 20 π, the jig borer can finish the diameter of the 10π or 20 π hole to a precision of plus or minus one-one hundredth or less. The horizontal boring machine uses a cutting tool to machine parts from a horizontal direction, and by rotating the base portion on four surfaces, four surfaces can be machined with a precision of one-one hundredth.

Advanced technology is required to respond to the demand for precision on the 1 micron level. Because the technical skills of each worker differ, Toa Precision Machinery is focusing its efforts to pass on the technical skills of mature engineers to younger engineers to improve its overall technical skills.

We’ll target medical and aircraft related applications. Mitsubishi recently released the new MRJ, and we’d like to participate in the aircraft industry as well including the production of the MRJ.

Toa Precision Machinery periodically publishes “Jig Technology News,” which introduces the latest jig technologies. The company has also published catalogs for the jigs it has manufactured not only in Japanese but also in English and Thai in order to promote its technology on a global scale.

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