Cloud Analysis Computation Service


Cloud Analysis Computation Service

ASTOM R&D has commercialized the “P-Cloud” analytical computation service based on the feedbacks of a digital engineering infrastructure development project supported by the government. ASTOM will market the service to small- to medium-sized companies, which use packaged software only infrequently, based on the service’s ability to rapidly reflect analysis results in designing, to shorten time to delivery, and to reduce cost.

Of course there is initial investment, but also setting up an operating system, and recently of course there are all sorts of security issues, so operating costs can be quite high. For small- to medium-sized companies, this is a cost that isn’t directly related to production, so we developed a product that was aimed at cutting these sorts of costs.

ASTOM uses the P-Cloud-based cloud technology to provide services such as automobile paint simulations, analysis of wheel rotation on the Shinkansen express train, fluid analysis for blades on a wind power generator, and even safety analysis for nuclear power plants.

We are operating this service to provide solutions that help companies solve the various problems presented by their customers. We are developing our service aimed at domestic small- to medium-sized companies, so we primarily support Japanese. Since it’s a cloud service, of course it can also be accessed from overseas.

ASTOM is presently focusing on business within Japan, but since many small- to medium-sized companies also have foreign sites, ASTOM plans to consider more foreign support, including language, in the future.

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