Developing a Resin Pipe Using Gas Injection Technology


Developing a Resin Pipe Using Gas Injection Technology

Jun Corporation, with support from the government, is developing resin pipe parts using gas injection hollowing technology. Switching part materials from metal to resin realizes weight savings of over 50%. Further, the reduction in number of parts reduces the number of process steps needed, leading to shorter time to delivery and lower cost.

When using iron, straight pipes must be bent, and the pipe must be fastened on both ends. If a branch is needed, a hole must be cut into the pipe, and a new pipe welded on. If a stay is needed, that part must be fabricated and welded in place. There are a lot of individual steps to the process. With the resin pipe we’re proposing, the system can be created as a single piece, which greatly reduces the number of steps needed.

The biggest issue with this technology, which is still under development, is controlling the thickness of the pipe wall. Reasons for this stem from both shape and materials issues. Jun Corporation is collaborating in development with auto makers and medical parts makers as well as materials makers. Today, the process can create pipe systems with length of about 1.6 to 2 meters, and diameters of 30 mm.

The thinnest is 1 mm. Either iron or resin, 1 mm seems thin, but our materials development is quite far along, and we’re able to support dimensions like this. We can also make sections that will have weight on them thicker – by crafting the pipes to be thicker, we can make sure the total strength doesn’t suffer.

Jun Corporation is already applying this new method of manufacturing resin pipe parts to the field of dental medicine. It aims to address the automotive industry in the future, enabling replacement of metal pipe with resin for coolant systems, oil pipes, air pipes, and fuel lines, as well as the plumbing in fuel cell vehicles. It anticipates a revenue of 2 million US dollars by 2020.

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