Heat Radiating Paint Technology for Plastic Products


Heat Radiating Paint Technology for Plastic Products

Kuboi Coating Works, with support from the government, has developed heat radiating paint technology for plastic products. The company has achieved a cooling effect of 15℃ in the temperature zone where plastic products in the temperature range below 100℃ do not change shape, which has conventionally been difficult.

We think this may be the first effort toward heat radiation from a plastic surface. We will talk about uses and applications later, but plastic can typically handle up to about 120℃, and engineering plastic can work at up to about 200℃. Of course, you can’t avoid problems like thermal expansion, and deformation due to heat. Sometimes if the temperature were only five or ten degrees cooler, deformation could be avoided. So we’re perfecting our technology for those who need the plastic temperature to be at least five degrees, or if possible about 20 degrees, cooler.

This technology consists of mixing a high density of aggregate into paint, and applying the mixture using dedicated paint supply systems, paint guns or painting robots. The aggregate conducts heat and allows heat from the product to radiate. In addition, a three-dimensional ridge structure enhances heat transfer to air currents, increasing heat dissipation.

Our current main target is for the area around automobile headlights. There is a heat source, and unavoidably resin parts right next to it. If plastic is used, you can have just one part, but to use metal you must have multiple parts joined mechanically. And it’s expensive. Metal will solve the heat problem, but there are shapes you just can’t make without using plastic.

Kuboi Coating Works is currently aiming for utilization of the technology in automotive parts, such as headlamps or storage batteries and heat ducts for hybrid vehicles. It is also considering applications in thermal solutions for electrical appliances.

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