Air Bubble Separation and Removal Equipment


Air Bubble Separation and Removal Equipment

TNK, with support from the government, has developed “Bubble Eliminator,” a device that can separate out and remove air bubbles from all types of liquids, simply by letting the liquid flow through. With construction machinery, bubbles mixed into hydraulic oil gradually damage the inside of the machinery, leading to early failure. In foods, air bubbles lead to oxidation.

When liquid spreads out suddenly when emerging from a small pipe, the air expands explosively. When this impacts metal or other materials, it causes rapid erosion. Just like the flow of a river erodes rock, these bubbles wear away materials or articles. The particles worn off in this way, or the spot that is eroded, can become the cause of failures.

The Bubble Eliminator has a cylinder with two holes, one on either side, through which liquid flows in. The liquid injected forms a rotational flow, with liquid swirling inside the cylinder. The rotational flow separates substances with higher and lower specific gravity from each other. The light bubbles are concentrated in the middle, and are separated out from the liquid.

This funnel centrifuge method is sufficient to remove the bubbles, but we also improve the elimination efficiency by making the small bubbles larger. Making them larger makes it easier to expel them. To make it easier for them to get out we put several vents in the tank, and flush the bubble though them like self-righting dolls. In this way the bubbles slowly get larger and eventually pop out. We call this our reservoir method.

The Bubble Eliminator is compact, and can be fitted in the recovery circuit of a variety of equipment and machinery. TNK will apply the Bubble Eliminator to applications such as hydraulics for construction and excavation machinery, food production equipment, semiconductor equipment, cleaning equipment, and drug solution stirring equipment. The company plans to solidify its domestic operations and also to cultivate overseas markets if there is demand.

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