High Speed Low Temperature Freezing Apparatus with Super-cooling


High Speed Low Temperature Freezing Apparatus with Super-cooling

Nakayama Engineering, with support from the government and assistance from Tokyo University of Marine Science and Technology Professor Toru Suzuki, has developed equipment which enabling high quality freezing by achieving high speed heat transfer from a super-cooled state

To generate super-low temperatures, you need a special refrigerant. We constructed a special refrigeration system that can generate super-low temperatures using ordinary 404A refrigerant. In conjunction with this we looked at high quality freezing, and decided to use super-cooling. In ordinary freezer equipment, foods such as oyster in the shell, has a high thermal resistance, also any products with thick meat, in particular, freeze from the surface, and the center freezes slowly. This results in the surface toward the center having different quality. Therefore, by using the super-cooling effect and put brake the super-cooling at a certain point freeze the product uniformly.

Nakayama Engineering has built an all-in-one freezer. Making full use of refrigerant control technology, Nakayama Engineering has achieved high quality freezing by precision temperature control in range of 0.1℃.

With regard to the technology for freezing food, everyone of refrigeration engineer tries to freeze food as quickly as possible to create the smallest possible ice crystals. But, the only way to freeze quickly has been to see how quickly heat can be removed from the surface of the food. We can get pass this limitation by using super-cooling. Super-cooling doesn’t necessarily require so much cooling speed. The food can be cooled very slowly, following a certain program, to about minus six degrees. When it reaches minus six, we drop the temperature suddenly. When this happens, ice forms all at once. It’s almost instant freezing. The ice that forms is extremely fine, with very tiny crystals.

Nakayama Engineering plans to sell about five units per year to processing plants located at fishing ports. They are also planning of promotional activities for blast freezer which already has been exported to the European Union.

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