Electroplating for precision parts


Electroplating for precision parts

With support from the government, ERG has developed technology for electroplating of extremely small parts. When electroplating fine parts, various problems are encountered starting with the fact that the product will float when it is placed in the electroplating solution, and there are also issues with product handling and tools.

With its proprietary technology, ERGhas made electroplating possible on products such as a 16-micron wire diameter coil spring and a 70-micron diameter probe pin that is thinner than a human hair.

Electroplating uses various types of solutions in the form of acidic, alkaline, and cyanide solutions. During this process, unless the solution immerses the product all the way to its inner area, the product will end up not being plated. This is where we used our expertise to place the product on net basuketand perform the electroplating while it is being agitated. Products cannot be separated, but by shiftingthem spaced out we are able to prevent bare spots .

If acidic solution remains after electroplating, rust will occur andthat can cause serious product defects. But by using a technique called “Net basket” electroplating, a process is included that separates the products, thereby eliminating bare spots. This enables acidic solution to be washed off, thus enabling prevention of cracks and serious defects.

Electroplating is conducted using various types of solutions, and the temperature of each is extremely important. In addition to temperature, there is concentration. Unless various factors are managed including temperature, concentration, and water volume for each of dozens of solution types, high quality products cannot be made. By properly managing each type, quality products are made. By managing each properly, we are able to create high quality products in the end.

ERG’s main customers currently are automotive parts manufacturers. By applying delicate electroplating technology to many automotive parts not currently handled by the company, ERGplans to expand its business both domestically and overseas.

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