Thin-Walled, Lightweight Heat Sink


Thin-Walled, Lightweight Heat Sink

At the EV & HEV Drive System Technology Expo held at the Tokyo Big Sight, Gunma Gohkin exhibited a thin-walled, lightweight heat sink now under development. Using its own proprietary technology, the company successfully reduced the weight of the heat sink, which is difficult to achieve with conventional casting processes, and enabled advanced heat dissipation performance.

The conventional die-casting process involves high speed insertion under high pressure conditions. We developed a casting technique for thin-walled heat sinks by inserting material at medium pressures at speeds in the low to medium range. As a result, we are able to develop product in a form that we can provide to customers.

In the past, a casting method that involves shaving away material was adopted to meet the weight reduction demands of automakers and LED manufacturers. However, this method is expensive and takes a significant amount of time for processing. So, Gunma Gohkin is aiming to achieve low-cost mass production by molding heat sinks.

Heat sink ribs are ordinarily 3mm wide, but that width can be reduced to 1mm or less using the technology now being developed by Gunma Gohkin. In addition, even with a width of 1mm for example, a rib height of 20 to 25 mm can be cast.

We’re using a casting method that differs from conventional casting processes to achieve eco-friendly, thin-walled casting, and through this, we’re aiming for low cost, lighter weight product. We are a small company, but we are ambitious to think about expansion not only in Japan but overseas as well.

The heat sink now under development will initially be provided only to clients in Japan. However, Gunma Gohkin has a plant in the Philippines and is therefore setting its sights on future production overseas as well.

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