Local Etching Instrument for Semiconductors


Local Etching Instrument for Semiconductors

Sanyu, with support from the government, has developed a local etching instrument that is capable of removing insulating layers, one layer at a time, from semiconductor devices. This technology makes it possible to expose the wiring layers, one after the other, from the top.

Failure analysis of prototype devices is essential to improve semiconductor development capability. Preparing a sample for failure analysis, however, has required more than two days, and expensive equipment, costing more than 100 million yen. Using our newly developed plasma device reduces the processing cost by more than half, and drops the preparation time to under one hour. We believe this will contribute to the survival in semiconductor industry, in the ever more competitive arena of device development.

Sanyu has developed two proprietary technologies. The first technology called “inward plasma” allows for the generation of localized plasma. Generated plasma is sucked into a narrow tube, which allows for removal of the debris associated with the plasma process, and reduces heat damage caused by the plasma generated on the sample. This is a very clean process, and makes it possible to process a sample for semiconductor failure analysis with very little damage to the wiring.

The second one is positioning technology used in controlling inward plasma. Inward plasma is a technology that allows the confinement of plasma only very close to the sample. To maintain the plasma spot, it is necessary to precisely control the distance between the plasma and the sample. To do this, we developed SPPA, an actuator with a high spatial resolution and a long travel distance.

Sanyu is planning to provide this instrument first to the inspection organizations in domestic semiconductor manufacturers. It will then approach inspection companies and analysis centers, and is also considering sales in Korea and Taiwan in the future.

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