Composite plating technology as alternative to hard chrome plating


Composite plating technology as alternative to hard chrome plating

Yoshino Denka Kogyo, with support from the government, has developed a composite plating technology as an alternative to hard chrome plating. It merges multinary nickel alloy plating, particulate dispersion, and thermal processing.

Hard chrome plating is widely used in the industrial field because it has high hardness, corrosion resistance, and wear resistance. However, hard chrome plating bath is restricted by environmental regulations because it contains harmful hexavalent chromium. Therefore, we developed hard chrome plating as alternative technology for low environmental load.

Yoshino Denka Kogyo developed nickel alloy plating that contains phosphorus and tungsten. Furthermore, SiC particles are uniformly mixed in to produce a plating film for hardness and wear resistance. Additionally, thermal processing increases hardness to create a plating film that has better performance than hard chrome.

Hard chrome plating is performed by electroplating. However, it is difficult to get a uniform plating thickness. The composite plating we have developed is electroless plating. Therefore, it’s possible to apply plating with a uniform thickness over the entire part. Additionally, the electroless plating process makes it possible to plate parts made of materials other than metal.

This technology can be used in automotive applications, such as injectors for direct injection gasoline engines or fuel pumps. Yoshino Denka Kogyo plans to expand the range of industrial applications.

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