Technology that fuses plating and painting


Technology that fuses plating and painting

YP System, with support from the government, has developed a practical surface processing technology, called Color CB (cobalt black), that will absolutely not flake off. With conventional plating techniques, the plating flakes off if the object is bent. Paint must be applied thickly. Color CB solves the problems with both these techniques, blending the advantages of both plating and painting to enable an extremely thin surface layer, only about five microns thick.

Our customers asked if there wasn’t some way we could make it colored. We were able to incorporate coloring technology, and create an extremely thin coating that won’t flake off at all, no matter how much tension you put on a part. Consider a moving part like this spring, for example. Until now we haven’t been able to color it. No matter how much you move the spring, the coating won’t flake off, so now we’re able to apply color to three dimensional parts like this spring, or things like flat spring.

Color CB is able to apply color using a coating much thinner than previously possible, which reduces the amount of coating material used. This reduces the amount of waste, and makes it an environmentally friendly technology. Further, the coating doesn’t flake off or crack, even if the coated part is later pressed, joined, or cut. Unlike conventional surface processing methods, a thin ceramic layer is incorporated into the base metal, so the surface won’t crack or generate dust even if bent.

This layer is extremely thin, only about five microns. And since it’s a ceramic layer, it’s very resistant to a variety of chemicals, and also resistant to heat. An advantage of this color is that the coating layer can be made very thin. This is right about 10 microns. Despite that, it doesn’t show the black color of the lower layer, but presents its proper color. This shows that the pigment is extremely dense, allowing for a very thin film.

This technology has an extremely broad range of applications, covering the full scope of metal usage. In cooperation with paint makers, YP System is proposing Color CB to users such as makers of automobiles, automotive parts, aeronautical parts, and construction materials.

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