Wireless Caliper


Wireless Caliper

Nakamura Manufacturing has developed the wireless digital caliper E-FW, which sends data measured with the caliper to a PC or tablet. The caliper has a built-in transmitter, so it can be used just by connecting up the PC’s usual USB receiver.

Products are usually measured in acceptance inspection and the results are read out and recorded manually on inspection forms. To finish an inspection, that has to be done repeatedly, so it takes a lot of time, and mistakes get made in filling out the forms. The advantage of our wireless digital caliper solution is: The measured data can be sent to PC directly and immediately without any mistake.

There are already calipers that send data wirelessly. However, with most of them, the transmitter has been provided separately. With the E-FW, the transmitter is built in, and every time data is sent, a red light comes on to let the user know, so data can be recorded reliably. What’s more, Nakamura’s calipers have a flat head, making them convenient for measurement in tight corners, deep grooves, and other situations that arise in factory-floor machining.

For customers that need to record their measured data, it saves a lot of manpower and time to output data to PC on wireless, so we think our solution is convenient. There are already wireless digital calipers on the market, but a feature of this one is, the capability is built in, so it’s extremely simple and compact.

Nakamura Manufacturing will release the wireless digital caliper in spring 2016. The company has its own software division, so it also plans to include a suite of application for quality control, making it simple to compile statistics and calculate averages, standard deviations and other statistical values.

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