Tank Manufacturing Plant Exclusively for Stainless Steel Products


Tank Manufacturing Plant Exclusively for Stainless Steel Products

Haneda Manufacturing has opened a plant specializing in stainless steel products, at Koriyama in Fukushima Prefecture. This plant, which was constructed with government support, uses an integrated system that covers all stages, from manufacture to polishing and cleaning. The plant helps to increase the company’s stainless steel production capacity, by handling a wide range of products, from tanks and silos for foods and chemicals, to industrial equipment such as driers and conveyors.

At our first plant, we manufactured products made from both iron and stainless steel. But in some industries, for quality control reasons, there are products that can’t be manufactured in a plant that handles both materials. So, we’ve built this plant exclusively for stainless steel products. The main advantage is, it eliminates the risk of incipient rust, which is the biggest reason for the manufacturing constraints I mentioned. Using a plant that only handles stainless steel means that incipient rust is simply not an issue.

The new plant has surface plates and tools designed for processing stainless steel, and defects are prevented by totally isolating stainless steel products from iron ones. This plant can manufacture products for industries such as pharmaceuticals, foods, and drinking water; this has led to growth in inquiries from new users.

Plants exclusively for stainless steel products are very rare, so we think few companies can manufacture large products like this plant can, with its 20 m x 45 m capacity. We can also make smaller things, of course, but the fact that we’re getting more inquiries about large structures and heavy tanks reflects our strength in having this facility.

The new plant can handle everything from sheet products 2 mm thick, to plate products 16 mm thick. Haneda Manufacturing hopes to capture prototyping demand, by enabling businesses to reduce their costs by bringing offshored prototype production back to Japan.

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