Centrifuge with Dramatically Improved Filtration Efficiency


Centrifuge with Dramatically Improved Filtration Efficiency

With the cooperation of Osaka Prefecture University, Matsumoto Machine Manufacturing developed the HERVA centrifuge with dramatically improved filtration efficiency. Featuring an improved filtering agent and filtration filter and an unprecedented filtration cloth attachment mechanism, the device can efficiently filter even herb medicine, starches and other natural products that have been difficult to filter in the past.

Until now, filtration cloth type filters have been belt-shaped. When that type of filter was used, the particles that were to be filtered were crushed by gravity and centrifugal force and couldn’t be filtered. In the past, crystals became a hindrance that prevented filtration, but by creating an upper and a lower water passages so that water is removed from the top, we’re able to filter products that couldn’t previously be filtered. By applying a good amount of centrifugal force, we’re able to remove water content in just one hour as opposed to the eight hours that it took in the past.

The newly developed centrifuge can be easily cleaned by opening and closing the casing. Equipped with a basket lift-up mechanism, the centrifuge can raise and lower the basket with just a single touch, and confirmation of the cleanliness of the back of the basket can also be easily performed, resulting in a significant reduction in the lead time for exchanging products.

Our target end users include a wide variety of customers in areas such as medicines, drug production, fine chemicals, electronic materials, agrochemicals, and ordinary compounds. A European company has a pressurized filtration and drying device that differs from centrifuges that filter and separate. We’re talking with the company in France about a partnership to bring the pressurized filtration and drying device from France to Japan, and to sell Japan’s centrifuge in Europe.

Matsumoto Machine Manufacturing is aiming to receive orders for 15 units per year by customizing the HERVA tailored to the products of customers, and by jointly selecting the device’s material tailored to customer needs.

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