Low Cost General Purpose Isolation Amplifier


Low Cost General Purpose Isolation Amplifier

Fullheart Japan has commercialized a 4-channel isolation amplifier with priority on economical savings. By focusing on a simple, user-friendly design, the company successfully reduced costs by up to 75% per channel.

This is a measuring instrument that minutely amplifies voltage and current, and is used as an industrial amplifier.Many manufacturers specialize in this type of measuring instrument in Japan. So we focused on economical savings to make our product unique.

Fullheart Japan developed a 4-channel isolation amplifier that is available in the same price range as 1-channel isolation amplifiers from other companies. With complete isolation between each channel, the product excels in noise resistance as well.

For customers who don’t use numerous channels, a 2-channel type is available for monitoring applications by connecting it directly to an oscilloscope or other equipment. This product has simplified use at corporate and university R&D sites.

As a manufacturing company, we manufacture every aspect of this product. Our Ibaraki plant produces chassis and plates,and by producing the entire product ourselves,we can reduce costs significantly.We implement integrated production from procuring the parts for the circuit board to assembling the finished product to achieve a cost advantage, and this allows us to significantly reduce overall costs.Basically, we commercialized this product with priority on economical savings.

The isolation amplifier is currently used in a variety of applications such as in simulators in the aerospace field, in wind tunnel tests, and to detect weak signals of pressure vessels inside power plants.Since the product can be easily incorporated in various equipment, and we’ve made it economical, we anticipate its use in an even wider range of fields.

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