Sheet-type Silicone Rubber Heater


Sheet-type Silicone Rubber Heater

As a product with features not found in metal heaters, O&M Heater has commercialized a sheet shaped, stretch type silicone rubber heater that uses silicone rubber as the insulation material.

The most unique feature of our stretch type silicone rubber heater is its extreme flexibility compared to conventional rubber heaters. This incredible flexibility is due to a structure that uses only rubber without any of the glass fibers found in conventional products, and to the use of a carbon fiber material for the heating wires instead of the metal wires that are conventionally used. The stretch type heater can also be used in an extremely wide range of temperatures from minus 40 to 250 degrees Celsius, and within that temperature range, a single flexible rubber heater can be formed to fit all types of shapes.

Metal wires have a shape memory function, and therefore irregularities can impact a heater’s life span and affect the product shape. O&M Heater replaced these metal wires with carbon fiber, and thereby eliminated broken wires and marks resulting from broken wires, enabled complex shapes, and improved the heater durability.

Our stretch type product uses an extremely flexible rubber. This product is increasingly used in product molds that use these carbon fiber composite materials, which are used more and more, and in places where repairs must be made. This is because an increase in use of products with highly complex design shapes has led to a demand for a flexible heater that can fit precisely to those shapes.

O&M Heater intends to utilize the flexibility of its stretch type heater to promote applications with composite materials as well as applications for heat insulation of more complex wiring, and for heating industrial tanks, containers and other equipment. The company is also advancing with the development of a three-dimensional heater that utilizes this flexibility to further improve ease of use and is searching for ways to expand further in the aircraft and automotive industries.

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