Modular Folding Solar Panels


Modular Folding Solar Panels

Nabell has developed the “nanoGrid”, a portable, folding type solar panel that uses eight amorphous silicon modules sealed with ETFE for excellent weather resistance. In its folded state, the nanoGrid is one-ninth its size when unfolded for use, and weighing just over 2kg, it can be easily carried.

What we targeted this time was a design that combines eight modules to form one set with the distance from each of the modules to the power supply box equalized as much as possible. Because it’s foldable, the solar panel is able to maintain durability with respect to bending, and loss can be minimized.

Each module can generate about 8 watts of power, and anywhere from one to eight modules can be used according to need. With the modular design, if the solar panel is partially damaged, it can still be used by replacing the damaged module. An even larger amount of power can be generated by connecting nanoGrid products in parallel. Nabell is currently developing a 200-watt lithium-ion storage battery, and is considering a wide range of applications.

We’re considering an outdoor-use power supply, and are hoping to conduct various tests by spring 2016 for use of the solar panel as an auxiliary power supply for organizations that rely on mobile communication devices as important tools. The tests will be on the capacity per module, the waterproof design, impact resistance, cold resistance, and heat resistance. Ordinary users will use the product, so we want to test the solar panel as carefully as possible before releasing it.

Nabell plans to expand the nanoGrid as a power supply system for cell phones in countries without fully developed infrastructures. With offices in the United States, China, South Korea, and Taiwan, the company aims to sell 500 sets the first year.

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