App-less Video Calling Service


App-less Video Calling Service

Leveraging expertise gained from developing its own web-based emergency notification system for disabled people, Mendori Information Technology has built an app-less video calling service system that uses SkyWay developed by NTT Communications.

The name of this system is SkyRTC. It is a system that enables video calling over the Internet as if talking on the phone. There are two ways to call. One is called random calling, which functions like a typical call center. When a customer places a call, the phone will ring for multiple operators at the same time. The other is individual calling. The caller can specify an individual who has placed a self-introduction on the Internet and call that person directly.

There are features for screen sharing with the other person, sending data including files, and chatting. These features are used, for example, when discussing insurance premium estimates, or simulating a car purchase.

Internet providers can use SkyRTC as a customer call center on the Internet. For a business with multiple storefronts, by using SkyRTC it is possible for customers to talk with people possessing the detailed knowledge of a full-time staff, without the need for having a full-time staff at every store. These are some examples of possible uses. When a factory experiences a problem with machinery, by using SkyRTC, the problem can be solved immediately in real time.

With SkyRTC, because customers can seek consultation without actually visiting a particular store, it is recommended for people working as aestheticians or in beauty related fields where being able to see the customer is important. SkyRTC can also be combined with the web-based emergency alarm system for applications in disaster prevention and emergency medicine.

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