Expandable Stocker System with Single Sheet Retrieval Function


Expandable Stocker System with Single Sheet Retrieval Function

At the MF-Tokyo 2015 show, Free Space Engineering exhibited a twin stocker system with a single sheet retrieval function that enables an unprecedented level of efficient material supply.

"This stocker is available in two types of specifications for material load capacity and height including a load capacity of 3 tons with a height of 210 mm or 90 mm. The most significant feature of this stocker is that a single retrieval device is attached within a shelf. The single retrieval device can pick up a single workpiece from a pallet of materials within a shelf and load the workpiece on another pallet, and by retrieving single pieces with respect to various materials on a shelf, the device is able to load various materials onto a single pallet."

With conventional stockers, setup operations are performed outside of the stocker, but by using the stocker system with a single sheet retrieval function, those setup operations can be automatically completed in the space within the shelf. In addition, because the stocker is designed with high speed elevation, setup operations can be performed in a short amount of time.

"One of the major features of our product is that it’s expandable, and because of this feature, the stocker can be tailored to the expansion of a customer’s plant. For example, a customer can begin with a single sequence and then later expand the device to a twin stocker or even a triple stocker."

In Japan, two ton loads are the standard, but the stocker system from Free Space Engineering can also support three ton loads that have become the standard in overseas markets, and thus the company is focused on sales abroad as well.

"This product can not only be operated as a conventional material stocker, but can also be expanded horizontally to a twin or triple stocker by attaching a single sheet retrieval function. It’s also designed as a shelf that can be used in the future with systems for supplying materials for laser processing machinery."

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