Roller burnishing tool with automatic diameter adjustment


Roller burnishing tool with automatic diameter adjustment

The Sugino Superoll Mac is a roller burnishing tool with an automatic tool diameter adjustment function of 0.2mm. When burnishing, the tool diameter adjusts automatically, realizing stable finishing and a longer tool life.

"Conventional roller burnishing tools, which have a tool diameter that is not adjustable, tend to cause product quality issues and an unstable life time of consumable parts. This is caused by burnishing pressure relative to the pre-burnishing diameter, in combination with the rough tolerances which are an unavoidable outcome of mass production."

In mass production, what is required for a burnishing tool is uniform quality and a stable life time of the tool. In order to conform to such demands, strict control is often required for the diameter tolerance. Even though the pre-burnishing diameter has a large margin of tolerance, the Sugino Superoll MAC 0.2mm automatic tool adjustment function can solve this problem without excessive rolling pressure causing delamination, or very low rolling pressure that makes parts finishing unstable.

"The Superoll Mac can adjust the rolling pressure and therefore effectively keep to the target roughness. We have high expectations for the potential possibilities of the plateau finish, where only the metal peak compressed, leaving a metal valley remaining as an oil pot."

For fisrt time users of roller burnishing tools, Superoll Mac can support their tool diameter correctly without a troublesome step and all the problems that can induce tool damage.

"We are confident that the Sugino Superoll Mac is a convenient tool for customers who require a stable surface finish in a mass production environment. As the consumable parts are interchangeable with conventional tool bodies, the Superoll Mac can contribute to customers not only with stable surface finishing but also with the excellent cost effectiveness."

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