Ultrasonic burr removing cleaner removes fine burrs in one go


Ultrasonic burr removing cleaner removes fine burrs in one go

Blue Star R&D manufactures unique machines that use powerful ultrasonic waves to remove the fine burrs left after press-forming, and clean the products at the same time.

Generating powerful ultrasonic waves in a liquid creates small bubbles called cavities. When cavities form and disappear, they exert a force on their surroundings. This machine can remove all the tiny burrs from an item by suitably controlling such cavities.

"To remove burrs, it’s necessary to make spherical cavities as large and as numerous as possible. With the ultrasonic vibrators sold as cleaners, there’s a limit to performance, so we needed a new type, especially for removing burrs, that generates high energy. And now, we’ve succeeded in developing that type of system."

"The main advantage of this system, of course, is that it greatly reduces the labor cost entailed in removing burrs. One diode maker wanted to remove burrs from 7,000 items in a week, but with this machine, we did that in just seven minutes."

Ultrasonic burr removal technology isn’t available from rival companies. Meanwhile, Blue Star’s system is used for F1 automotive engines and many other automotive components. Because it uses only water, this system is friendly to the environment and easy to maintain.

"This machine can be used by anyone: All you need to do is put the items in it, close the lid, and switch it on. It doesn’t cause soiling, and it’s convenient: This machine can be used the same day it’s delivered."

The main target markets for this system are automotive parts and precision components for smartphones and the like. Blue Star also wants to expand its applications to include very small components used in medical instruments.

"Such parts are less than 1 mm in size, so you have dozens of people working in three shifts, to process them under a microscope using a needle. But with our system, a couple of hundred items can be processed in one go, so we’d like to steadily extend our burr-removal method to that field."

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