Dieless Glass Processing by Precision Grinding


Dieless Glass Processing by Precision Grinding

Bull Precision does all kinds of glass processing using a precision grinding method. This method involves grinding and polishing in line with forms specified by CAD data. A feature of precision grinding is that it’s faster and less expensive than using dies.

"The items we produce by precision grinding are glass lenses, mainly aspherical lenses for use in endoscopes and projectors. Previously, those products could only be processed by press forming using dies, but precision grinding and polishing based on CAD data enables us to manufacture such lenses, even as one-off products."

Because Bull Precision can process glass in sizes ranging from 2 mm to 380 mm, it can handle a wide range of needs, from one-off prototypes requiring speed and flexible specifications, to mass-production of items in tens of thousands of units a month.

"Recently, demand for aspherical lenses has grown sharply, with shorter delivery times and lower prices being required for custom prototypes. Because we can process one-off items by precision grinding, we can supply glass components with minimal delivery time and cost."

"As a future development, we’d like to establish a precision grinding method using 3D printers, rather than just relying on CAD data. In that way, we’d like to offer a truly diverse range of glass processing to the world."

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