Service that Gives Form to Ideas


Service that Gives Form to Ideas

Putting into action the business concept of giving form to useful ideas, Will-E provides services that help turn user ideas into commercial products.

"There is a skill associated with producing something from nothing, and it is our company’s forte to see that through starting from scratch to ultimately creating a prototype or conducting testing. It has become possible for even a small company like ours to use technologies particularly such as 3D CAD, 3D printing, and CAE virtual simulation. Even without making a large investment, we are able to use these technologies to create products and improve quality. "

Will-E is able to create products using optimal digital processes by combining real manufacturing technology with virtual technology, effective in product development, including the latest digital engineering technology such as 3D CAD in design and 3D printers and CAE in theoretical performance prediction.

"Our product development support is conducted such that each project leader handles everything from the design stage to the manufacturing stage. In other words, fundamentally there is no process in which the person creating something hands it off to someone else to request its manufacture. In rapid prototyping in which 3D CAD is used in design, things are created using a 3D printer. Each project leader conducts his own simulations. He conducts machine processing based on data of what has been created. He welds. He bends. He shaves. Everything is done with consistency. "

Will-E has a wide-range of experience creating commercial products such as research equipment from universities and research institutions, harvest processing equipment for agricultural products, cleaning equipment for civil engineering and architectural applications, and energy recycling equipment. Moving forward, the company will continue to support global product development for everyone from individuals to the development divisions of large enterprises by offering flexible services that support the entire process from product concept to actual prototyping and testing over a short time period.

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