Grinding-free machining technology for thin sheet-metal components


Grinding-free machining technology for thin sheet-metal components

At the Manufacturing Business Matching Fair, Yamagishi-SS exhibited technology that enables grinding-free high-precision machining of heat-treated high-hardness materials. Developed with support from a Japanese Government program, the technology achieves the difficult task of picking up thin disks and cutting them with high precision, without grinding.

"This metal material is called DCMX; it has very high hardness, at HRC62. This technology can suction-grip the material and cut it, which is an impressive feat. Here, we have technology for contact processing and also for chucking, using a patent-pending air-vacuum chuck."

Generally, in the machining industry, it’s difficult to grip thin products; the minimum thickness for cutting is about 3 mm. This new technology makes it possible to process items as thin as 0.7 mm, and up to 250 mm in diameter. Also, it can handle materials with a mirror-finish, right down to Ra0.16. With this technology, machining, cutting, and grinding processes that used to take 225 minutes can be done in just 15 minutes.

"When it comes to grinding, that can be used to process flat items like this, but our technology can process the inside and outside together. Also, grinding generates heat, which causes deformation, but with our machining technology, that can be avoided. "

Yamagishi-SS has proven such technology in mass-production of rings for hybrid vehicles, with monthly production capacity of 10,000 units. For the aerospace industry, where lightweight components are essential, Yamagishi-SS intends to handle the heat-resistant materials Inconel and Hastelloy, and develop its technology for use with rocket engines and bodies.

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