Multi-layer printed circuit board analysis system using X-ray equipment


Multi-layer printed circuit board analysis system using X-ray equipment

At the Manufacturing Business Matching Fair, Applied Vision Systems displayed its multi-layer printed circuit board analysis system, which uses X-ray equipment. Currently in development with support from the government, this system uses stereo X-ray imaging to make three-dimensional measurements. This allows separate mapping of each pattern layer within a multi-layer PCB.

"We have been doing joint development with BEAMSENSE. We’re developing an analysis system for multi-layer PCBs. This system uses improved X-ray equipment, with two CCD sensors instead of the conventional one. This new system is very small, and will also be very advantageous from a cost perspective."

Compared with conventional two-layer PCB inspection systems, this new system from Applied Vision Systems is unique. It can analyze multi-layer boards non-destructively. It is expected that demand for the system will be high. The company is also considering adding more CCD sensors to develop systems that can analyze even more complex multi-layer PCBs.

"The most difficult thing to analyze, when it comes to multi-layer PCBs, is to isolate the layers. The critical factor is how accurately the system can separate out each layer. Using our stereo image analysis technology, and by developing analysis software and hardware that can precisely isolate each individual layer, we are able to develop a complete multi-layer circuit analysis system."

Applied Vision Systems began development in April 2013, and plans to release the completed product in March 2016.

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