Long Stroke Parallel Draw-down Chuck that Eliminates Need for Setup


Long Stroke Parallel Draw-down Chuck that Eliminates Need for Setup

At JIMTOF 2014, Kitagawa Iron Works exhibited the DLL chuck, a new chuck that eliminates the need for setup by further enhancing the conventional jaw based parallel draw-down type chuck that secures a workpiece to chuck surface.

"The problem of workpieces lifting upwards hinders efforts to support automation, etc., and this is a real disadvantage to customers who use chucks. However, our new DLL chuck pulls the workpiece inward, and as a result, close contact seating of the part in the chuck is achieved, so automation can be reliably supported."

Compared to conventional DL chucks, the stroke of the DLL chuck is extended 1.7 times. As a result, a single chuck can be used to grip even those parts with uneven surfaces that would ordinarily require a setup change.

"Unlike standard chucks, the moment that is applied when a workpiece is gripped is used, and something called a plate spring that receives that moment is located in the base of the mater jaw. The action of the plate spring is used to draw down the workpiece, and it is this operation that makes our chuck unique."

The opening allowance of the jaw of conventional chucks is small, so such grips are unable to firmly transfer grip a workpiece. However, the DLL chuck features a long stroke, thereby enabling it to transfer grip even workpieces with a difference in diameter of 11mm.

"At Kitagawa Iron Works, our main target is the automotive industry, and as we service our customers, we have been constantly focused on making proposals and providing products that are customized to their needs based on a theme of “Customized by kitagawa”. We intend to continue providing these services on an ongoing basis not only for customers in Japan but for all users around the world."

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