Secure VPN-based Remote Factory Monitoring Service


Secure VPN-based Remote Factory Monitoring Service

Hakko Electronics developed the V9 series with a so-called VPN router function built into a programmable display device as a virtual dedicated line, and launched the “Web Machine Interface” service to pursue the cause of equipment and machinery abnormalities from a remote location.

"We offer two services with the Web Machine Interface, and the first is a VPN remote access service. With this service, when a problem occurs with a machine at a distant location, the status of that machine can be easily and remotely monitored."

The biggest concern when a problem occurs with equipment that was shipped to a distant location whether it be in Japan or abroad is the time that it will take to understand the conditions at the actual location. However, by using the remote access service to confirm the programmable display and PLC status, the cause of the problem can be determined without traveling to the actual site. This also contributes to reducing business travel costs.

"The second service is a data utilization service that uses the cloud. This service can be used to constantly monitor the status of equipment, so it’s useful for preventive maintenance and condition based maintenance of equipment."

The VPN cloud data utilization service includes a data storage function to store logging data of a programmable display located in a remote location as well as other various types of data on a cloud server and a function to deliver PDF files such as operating instructions and manuals to a display device.

"Our new Web Machine Interface is designed so that it can be very easily introduced. In the past, hurdles to introducing this type of interface were quite high, but now even small and medium size companies can easily introduce this service by purchasing our V9 Series. Therefore, we want to encourage especially customers who export a lot of equipment to use our Web Machine Interface to monitor equipment remotely."

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