PCD Twisted Helical End Mill features reduced cutting resistance


PCD Twisted Helical End Mill features reduced cutting resistance

Chukyo has developed the Eco Helix, a twisted shaped PCD helical end mill with blade edges that exhibit minimal cutting resistance when machining parts.

"The tip is made of PCD, which is an extremely hard material that is made under ultra-high temperature and ultra-high pressure conditions, but we were able to fabricate the tip with a twisted shape using our own proprietary technology. Conventional products feature straight blades with straight cutting edges, but our Eco Helix end mills are designed with cutting edges that are twisted, so cutting resistance is reduced."

By designing the cutting blades of the Eco Helix with a twisted shape, the portion that is contacted by the blade edge during cutting is reduced, thereby reducing the overall cutting resistance. Furthermore, cutting performance and life span are both dramatically improved by bonding synthetic diamond called PCD to the machined blade edge.

"According to customers who are actually using Eco Helix end mills, they’re achieving a tool life span that is about 70 times longer than that of diamond coated end mills, and running costs are being reduced to about a tenth that of conventional products."

At Chukyo, design simulations are performed in-house using 3D CAD and unique computational formulas, and as a result, the company is capable of manufacturing tools with three times the blade length of products from other companies. In addition, in order to support the machining of various types of parts, the Chukyo is advancing with developments that utilize technology cultivated in the development of the Eco Helix end mills in drills, reamers, and other tools as well.

"In the future, the need to machine new materials such as CFRP and difficult to cut materials such as thin-walled parts will likely increase. However, we believe that our Eco Helix products are best suited for these types of fields that require machining of difficult to cut materials, so we intend to aggressively focus on efforts to expand business in this field."

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