Megasolar generation business support system provides stable profit


Megasolar generation business support system provides stable profit

Prospec Holdings, a systems integrator, provides a one-stop shop for everything needed to run a solar power generation business, from consulting through construction, maintenance, and operation.

"Ordinary systems integrators seem to be optimized for performing design and construction of generation facilities. We are unique in that we can handle everything from acquiring land through making applications and obtaining necessary permits. "

Regarding maintenance and operation, Prospec has had a unique guarantee system in place for 20 years. By guaranteeing to provide replacement or maintenance if the system does not achieve the planned level of performance, the company supports smooth operation. And by providing a variety of convenient services, Prospec makes it easy to expect recovery of generation facility installation costs.

"Since the full purchase and feed-in tariff systems went into effect, many Japanese investors, who previously applied their assets and capital to things like managing apartment buildings, have started to participate in the solar power industry, running generation facilities and viewing solar businesses as revenue generating property. "

Further, based on domestic results, Prospec plans to propose and develop small scale solar generation systems in countries that don't have large scale gas, coal, or nuclear generation infrastructure, such as in Southeast Asia, South America, and Africa.

"Solar is not the only form of renewable energy. We plan to build all sorts of generation facilities using renewable energy, not just solar. One of our new efforts is methane gas generation, extracting gas and generating electricity from so-called energy foods and from waste. We intend to roll out a true energy mix overseas at the same time we're doing it here in Japan. "

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