User-friendly, efficient taping machines


User-friendly, efficient taping machines

At FOOMA Japan 2014, Taiyo Seiki exhibited its COM JD Series of automatic taping Machines. The JD Series features patented mechanisms including an inertia prevention system. Due to such unique mechanisms, this series ensures easy and efficient taping for both film and paper tapes up to 30 mm wide.

"These machines are very user-friendly. They can be carried to a desktop easily, and they’re simple to use. They can tape up to 24 packages per minute, so in an hour, you can handle as many as 1,200 packages using both film and paper tape up to 30 mm wide. "

This series has been on sale for nearly 30 years. As well as books and leaflets, these machines have recently been used for foods, drugs, and electronic devices, by all kinds of businesses, from very small to very large.

"This machine tapes products into bundles. It works consistently because the part held by this inertia preventing system is reset back to the home position after taping, so that the next work-piece can be taped. The tape tail length is fixed, this allows the machine to go back to the ready position for the next run. This system makes the taping action much more consistent compared to other companies’ products, which use a square guide. The tape runs at high speed accurately within the square guide and they work smoothly at first, but if dust and dirt accumulate, the tape will not run accurately."

Taiyo Seiki ships about 1,000 taping machines annually; it has a proven record in Europe, Asia, Russia, and Africa.

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